Welcome to Headway Warrington

A brain injury, no matter how minor, can have a dramatic impact both on the life of the patient as well as those in their life- be they family, friends or those they work with.

Headway (the brain injury association) is a national charity whose aims are to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.

HEADWAY WARRINGTON is part of the national charity, supporting people in the Warrington area.

We are essentially a social group  where we can meet with people whose lives are affected by a brain injury, be they people with a brain injury, their carers, family or friends.

We hold two regular meetings each month providing members the opportunity to meet, socialise and take an active part in the support of others.( please see ‘where we meet‘ page for location and map)

In addition to our regular meetings we organise excursion days out and promote a range of activities to meet the needs of our members.

We actively seek to increase awareness of brain injury, its causes and the challenges facing people living with it.

We welcome adults of all ages to our group